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Holiday Stocking Stuffers for Guitar Players

Kid: "I wanted a 535Q Cry Baby Wah, but now I want a Jerry Cantrell Signature Cry Baby."  Willie (Santa): "Well, wish in one hand and sh*t in the other, and see which one fills up first."

Welcome to our compilation of gift ideas for guitar players! 

Whether it's the Christmas holiday, birthdays, whatever-- if you're looking for cool guitar related items for that special someone, we're featuring a variety of suggestions. Keep checking back, as items are changed, and fresh stuff is added! And just know that these recommendations reflect serious guitar gear geek tastes!

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Steer Skull Jack Plate for Strats by Punch Drunk
Fender CS Texas Special pickups set. All listings
Custom engraved neck plates - Select from dozens!

Will the drummer show up on time? Will I remember these lyrics? Will my high E survive the gig? -- Magic 8 Ball

Guitar lesson interactive software - Rocksmith 2014 Edition
Rocksmith 2014 Edition - Complete interactive lessons & jamming software. Don't smirk before you see the demo vid. Then smirk-- we don't care.

Orange Amplifiers Micro Terror MT20 20W Hybrid Guitar Amp Head  1332174267048_C.tif
Orange Micro Terror Head - Oh, I dunno... It's just cute, I guess.

Billy Gibbons style Bamileke hats from Cameroon
Billy Gibbons style Bamileke hats from Cameroon. The Rev. didn't exactly invent these!

 TUNERS like this Gotoh SD91HAPMStaggered, adjustable, locking TUNERS like this Gotoh SD91HAPM set. More brands & options at the link.

Tremol-No to block and unblock any Strat trem.
Tremol-No is the quickest, easiest way to block and unblock any Strat trem.

Fender Replacement Necks - Like this EJ RW bound and hundreds more!

Strat pickguards with custom art graphics
Graphic Art Strat Pickguards - dozens to choose from!

Love pedal Pickle Vibe effects pedal
Lovepedal Pickle Vibe - Compact vibe pedal from makers of the Zendrive.

COIN GUITAR PICK for Electric Guitar Bass Mandolin Ukulele
Coin Guitar Picks - all shapes, sizes, vintages and metals. Various sellers. Recommend Mojo Picks and Nashville Pick Store.

tc electronic Polytune Mini - True bypass tuner, displays multiple notes. Spot out-of-tune strings while playing chords. How cool is that!

MJT Aged Finish bodies, necks and kits. Custom Relic DIY at affordable prices.

T-Rex Fuel Tank Chameleon pedal power supply adapts to multiple polarity and voltage pedals simultaneously. Screw 9V batteries!

Snark Sn-8 is our favorite inexpensive clip-on chromatic tuner.

Pin-up stickers & waterslide transfer decals. Sized for guitar. 100's to choose from several decal vendors!

Give the gift of CABLE, i.e. Lava solderless pedalboard kits, George L's, Mogami and more. CLICK HERE for good cable suppliers!

Roland Cube Lite Richie Kotzen
Roland CUBE LITE. This ultra-compact practice/composing amp features looping, speed/pitch controls, track dissection tools and is iOS compatible. See demo/review.
Cheap, simple looper pedal! tc electronic DITTO Looper.
tc electronic DITTO Looper - The only Hostess Twinkie size looper pedal. Simple, on-the-fly use. 5 minute capacity. No complications! Affordable!

Guitar Straps. Hippie, Leather, Hemp, Hand made.
Guitar Straps! Everything from vintage "Hippie" styles to hi-end LEATHER to new Hemp designs-- SEE MORE...

Hendrix Woodstock Figure by McFarlane Toys
Hendrix Action Figures - (Super Geek item here!) Surprisingly accurate variety of mini Jimi's for mantle, desk, bookshelf or coffee table.

Best Price D'Addario Bulk Guitar Strings
Bulk Guitar Strings! Give your guitarist the best value that they'll use!

T-Rex Gull Wah Pedal Video Demo Review
T-REX Gull Wah - Several Wah pedals in one, and built like a tank!

Maxon OD 9 Overdrive Pedal Dealer
Maxon OD-9 Overdrive - There are a zillion OD pedals out there. We're recommending this one for its classic pedigree. Maxon made the original Ibanez TS-9 Tube Screamers. The OD 9 is a true bypass circuit with the industry standard NJM (JRC) 4558 op amp chip. Not a spendy boutique OD, but consistently high rated.



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