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Ray Goren - Young Guitarist Just Gets Better!

July 7, 2016
Young Ray Goren is a little older and a lot more seasoned than when I first discovered him a few years back killin' it at NAMM with Eric Gales at age 12. So now he's all of 15-- maybe just into 16...

This recent clip by Portland, Oregon's KINK-FM
shows a taller Ray with original material featuring vocals & rhythm locked in, and solo chops galore.

We expect more from Ray than the typical "good guitar for a kid" since seeing a video interview where he demo'd through all his guitar influences  including some Hendrix licks you might expect from Andy Aledort, Randy Hansen or Frank Marino-- in other words, no cliches, but some deep stuff!

Just get over to YouTube and search Ray Goren, where you'll see a music evolution beginning at age 7-8.

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