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Scott Henderson On Tim & Pete's Guitar Show!

Scott Henderson fans, myself included, will eat this one up (I already have)! Great interview on Tim & Pete's Guitar Show. Serious guitarists in their own right, Tim Pierce & Pete Thorn have a regular video podcast show where they just featured 1 HOUR PLUS with Mr BigDogs himself-- although ironically, Scott isn't wearing a BigDogs t-shirt here...

That's only because Henderson's current shirt promotes his own podcast with fellow guitarist Bruce Forman, called GuitarWank. 2016 could be the year of the Guitar Podcast.

This is a fast hour as they get into Scott's approach to guitar playing, recording and music influences. At about 34.5 minutes in, Scott gets off the couch for some gear, tones and trademark licks with his trusty Suhr signature model, Suhr amp rig and a few of his favorite pedals. Basically, an hour+ of Tore Down, Tribal bliss for this fan. Oh yes, they also touch on Scott's latest 'Vibe Station' release; a masterpiece itself.

Followers of this blog (if there are any left) know I rarely post blog features anymore. Stratoblogster started in 2006, and after 3k+ posts, plus plenty of Facebook guitar geek wanking, I've kinda gotten stuff outta my system. 

But discovering a good Henderson interview is ALWAYS blogworthy along with the added treat of now knowing about more podcast action including Scott's own.

I hope other Henderson fans dig all this too! And if you're new to Scott's music, check him out. Henderson is the only guitarist I've heard who can bridge together SRV, Jeff Beck & Alan Holdsworth with his own unique style, if you can imagine that...

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