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Keeley Monterey Octave-Rotary-Vibe-Fuzz-Wah Pedal -- YES!!!

Even got 'em a Jimi savvy Strat player demo! WTF!!!

Robert Keeley Electronics may be scoring BIG with their Monterey Octave-Rotary-Fuzz-Wah 'Neo-Vintage Workstation'.
Maybe searching and SAVING up for your shot at a mythical$$$ aNaLoG MaN 'Captain Coconut' box won't be necessary.

For only $299.00 Keeley may fill the bill and save you more than a few x bills in the process. Time for gettin' Jimi Wit' It' could be soon be sooner than you were planning! Per Keeley's press release itself in my mail, these are shipping as of March 23, 2016. I'd consider this one quick, cuz if our 'Neo-Vintage Workstation' takes off, you could end up on a waiting list... Myself, I HATE the term "workstation", but this looks like the tight, classic little effects box it is-- just knobs & switches, AND not too damn many either! Me likey that!!!

But I'll let you check out the video for yourself, other than to recommend keeping your standard Wah pedal preference in the chain/board. But the auto wah swell is cool, especially when drenched in Izabella Woodstock swampaliciousness. Yes, a new word... Can't wait to try one!!!

Visit www.rkfx.com for more information about the full lineup of award-winning Keeley Electronics effects.

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