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Gifts For Guitar Players, Christmas 2015

Amazing bang for the buck technology here! Reads all strings simultaneously just like the original plug-in Polytune models.

 Save space on your pedalboard. Sounds and sweeps just like a full sized model.
True bypass mini pedal with 11 modulation effects built in. Under $100!

 Get Jimi-with-it tones for under $100!

Hippie Straps like the Hendrix Woodstock version above as well as hemp, leather and Native American designs.
Browse through hundreds to upgrade your axe!

Another great bang for the buck item! Also in the $100 range, this mini vibe pedal gives you TC Electronic quality in a small space saving package. Combine with Wah and Octave Fuzz pedals for more classic Hendrix tones without breaking the bank on a dozen pedals!

Keep things simple and affordable-- and Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!


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