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Fender 2015 Debut Hendrix Strat

 October 30, 2015

Looks like FMIC and Janie Hendrix finally reached a mutual power to love in releasing the 2015 MIM Jimi Hendrix Artist Stratocaster model.

A few of you geeks (like myself) may recall Gibson's attempt (PG article) to produce & release a Hendrix Strat-type back in 2009. They had 'em ready to ship, and I don't recall all the details of what halted it, but the blogosphere, forums and social media of that time were raising bloody hell against a Gibson Hendrix Strat. Never happened. Google it for bits and pieces of fallout and debris.

Fender's newest effort since the 1997 Hendrix full reverse Strat production run (and some more recent Custom Shop runs), is now official, Experience Hendrix approved and available in glossy Black or Oly White with maple neck. 

The bridge pickup angle and headstock are reversed like the '97, though the decal isn't mirror image reversed. It features a "C" profile neck at 9.5" radius with medium jumbo frets and '65 style grey bottom pickups.

This guitar is produced in Mexico and includes a gig bag for the modest and current street price of $899 (Oct, 2015 pricing) from most dealers.

So, there ya have it. Been a long time coming.

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