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Guitarist Scott Henderson Interview, Summer 2015

Guitarist Scott Henderson Interview 2015

Check out one of the best Scott Henderson video interviews that remains online. Scott is notorious for removing performance and interview vids. This one's been up since June so since it's now September, maybe it will hang around. 

Marcela Campos of Brazil based Guitar Experience spends a casual 25 minutes prompting Scott through an informative tour of his history, influences, gear and ideas about composition and performing. Scott's most recent Vibe Station album is also mentioned.

Most Henderson fans will dig the influences and gear parts. But it's all good & insightful stuff with Scott's usual humble and just slightly wry humor. Overall, a great opportunity getting to know one of the best Rock/Blues based Fusion guitar monsters on the planet.

So watch the video! And check the Vibe Station sound bytes at the above Amazon link.


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