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Ultimate Guitar Pick Geek Guitar Picks for Guitar Pick Geeks - By Riki Le Plectrier

The boutique guitar pick craft renaissance is officially underway. Must be...

This awoke me from my blogging slumber-- and I rarely even use picks!

By now, most of us have seen some esoteric picks, i.e. exotic wood & polished stone creations. However, France based Riki- Le- Plectrier is raising the bar more than a few notches with a sizeable line representing various themes from steampunk to spiritual-- and all points in between.

Regardless of theme, the big deal here is extreme craftsmanship and artisan level results. And you certainly pay for this... But before grumbling about what you ain't about to spend on no damn guitar pick, consider these jewelry as well as art, especially since all picks are drilled for pendant/charm/earring accessorization.

Hell, even if I used a pick, I'd hang these around my neck first before losing them to the omnipresent black hole of lost guitar picks which no-doubt still stalks me.

So I'm just talking about how friggin' cool and beautiful these picks are, that's all. 

Now, with all that said, closer inspection also reveals that the artist has not neglected functionality and ergonomics either.

Just click the link above and browse the site, cuz if you dig the photos here, there's a lot more to see! 

Also at Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/riki.plectrier

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