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New John Page - Ashburn Guitars

photo cred: www.hrsunlimited.com

April 10, 2015
The buzz is building on John Page's new line of guitars, particularly the highly affordable Ashburn. Gotta love someone with the balls to reverse the bridge pickup angle in a Strat-type. Okay, so why would that take any balls? Good question. It's just that you never see it, Fender has never offered it as a pickguard option and other builders aren't doing it-- at least on a noticeable scale, Suhr? Grosh? Tyler? Anderson? Tuttle? Anyone you know?

Always made sense to me for tightening up the low end response and fattening the high strings. And besides, ever heard of Jimi Hendrix?


For those who don't know, John Page co-founded Fender Custom Shop, is a Masterbuilder and was a key designer there for several years. Whole lotta FCS COA's out there with this signature. The Ashburn model featured above is a John Page design built in Japan to sell at a budget friendly $1500 sub-boutique price point (less than an EJ Artist Strat). It has Gotoh hardware, nifty & streamlined bolt neck/insert design for better resonance and easier high fret access, NO string trees needed and special pickups by "Bloodline" I'm trying to find more about...

Page is partnering with another industry giant, Howard Swimmer of Premier Builder's Guild fame, now HRS Unlimited & Bloodline Pickups. 

Visit www.johnpageclassic.com for the full scoop on John's line as well as video interview with him.

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