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Austin Crum - Young Guitar Wonder, Newport, Tennessee

April 24, 2015
Very pleased to introduce young Austin Crum of Newport, Tennessee; our latest Young Guitar Wonders addition. Currently 16 (15 in the video above), Austin is obviously deeply inspired by Stevie Ray Vaughan as are so many contemporary Blues guitar players both young and old.

And Austin is SERIOUS about it! Everything from his feel & phrasing to the tones of his Strat & signal chain is dialed in sweet! Not just another kid with a distortion pedal, slopping through and being "good for a kid" either. Plenty of veteran clubsters out there would kill for some of these chops & tones!

That said, like so many SRV 'clones' out there, Austin also tends to play way too many notes and rush things. We suggest he study SRV's Texas Flood in Tokyo video for tips on s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g out and taking the time to smell the roses & savor & breathe those big notes and licks.

But then again there is being a teenager, just bustin' outta the gates, right. So he has more than ample time to settle, season and hold the pocket as well as eventually evolve his own style. We're very confident in his future musicianship.

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