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Fender Fun Facts - Oswald's Fender Rifle Strap??

Where's the whammy bar?
 March 12, 2015
Guest Blog by Will Turner

 Fender Fun Facts - Stranger than Fiction: 

In 1963, after President Kennedy was shot in Dallas, a Mannlicher-Carcano rifle (said to belong to Lee Harvey Oswald), was recovered from the Texas Book Depository Building. Attached to the gun, rather than a sling, was a Fender thin-line leather guitar strap quite popular at the time. 

My first conscious memory of hearing the words “Fender Guitar” was from the TV News Media discussing this strap attached to that dastardly rifle, leading to the obvious questions never asked by the Warren Commission: Did Oswald have a strapless ’62 Stratocaster squirreled away in wife Marina’s closet, perhaps next to a mint Tweed Deluxe, maybe an intermittently working phone-style coiled guitar cord, so prevalent in that era, tucked away in the case along with open packs of Chesterfield Kings and Black Diamonds missing the high E? A Herco pick or two? The Truth is Out There!

Oswald's garage band The Patsys. "I'm just a patsy!!!"

Will Turner is a Houston based writer/musician/guitarist/composer/cartoonist.

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