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Joanna Connor - Chicago Slide Guitar Sister!

Blues Artist Joanna Connor
 January 19, 2015
Although many of us were stunned by a recent viral video of Joanna Connor's slide guitar prowess, Joanna is a seasoned vet of the Chicago Blues scene and no stranger to plenty of folks, especially our Mid-West/Great Lakes area followers.

Stratoblogster reader David Shupe suggested we add Ms. Connor to our Strat-o-Sisters Directory Archive, and I had to agree. I managed to find her pictured with a Strat (out of principle), but Joanna seems to favor ripping things up on her Les Paul. No problemo though.

"...She's certainly paid her dues and I think can really play. She was voted runner-up to Buddy Guy by a publication in Chicago and plays several nights a week at the Kingston Mines there. I would say she has proved herself through some very tough years when female guitarists were not very well respected and accepted. I have read that very often 20 and 30 year olds fill the place to hear her play. I think that is amazing!" David W. Shupe

Another great slide performance:


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