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Suhr Modern Dreamcatcher One Off Quilt Body

Suhr Guitars Modern Dreamcatcher Model.

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Currently listed by Milwaukee's  Distinctive Guitar
December 13, 2014
Well, here's definitely something worth talking about! Meet this new Suhr Modern "Dreamcatcher" guitar.

With a vibe reminiscent of FCS' KOI CASTER by Todd Krause, the Dreamcatcher here is a bona fide art guitar instrument and a tribute to its builder(s). Uhmm... Where to start?

A single piece AAAAA (that's 5 of 'em) quilt maple body features a bunch of other wood and mother of pearl inlay work integrated into a tastefully whimsical Native American dreamcatcher theme which continues up the fretboard crowning a roasted birdseye maple neck. I can't take no more!

Okay, catching my breath... Then for understated elegance it's a hardtail. Gotta luv that too! I imagine the guys in the shop not wanting to butcher any more quilt maple than absolutely necessary. Whenever I see something of this art/craft level with a Floyd it's usually not a turn-on-- at least for me.

Frets are stainless steel medium size, though it's tough to imagine someone putting this guitar to any overly rigorous, need to avoid refret road schedule. Definitely collectible, gentle treatment material. Especially as a one-off. But who knows, maybe Kim Jong Un will end up with it and then burning it after masturbating. I guess he does that kinda stuff.

But get this is a boutique art instrument which no matter what you think about boutique prices is nonetheless legit art as some useless canvas crap hangin' in a posh gallery or restaurant somewhere I don't dine in. Sometimes a builder wants to stretch their legs from the usual monotonous repeat cycles. Hell I dunno. I'd be tired of another Oly White poly wanna cracka job in a line of more Oly White poly wanna crackas to do. Or something like that.

I grow weary of the Facebook guitar pages and groups full of price haters who might just as well hate someone's cheap find. Cuz that's just how they are. Weary, I tell ya. Stratoblogster is an 8 year running blog that I'm not too passionate about running in recent months. The social network bonehead index gets pretty intolerable at times. You can't even bring dead center culture to the table without a pissin' challenge about the sesame bun on your Big Mac. 

Porn blogging would be more fun. But I got principles and all. Wonder what those people take sh*t for mostly.

So that's the story on Suhr's Modern Dreamcatcher. Again, Five "A" Grade Quilt Maple. What else ya gonna do with it, make maple syrup? Maybe you could. 

Just don't get caught with sticky fingers, trolls.

Currently listed by Milwaukee's  Distinctive Guitar 

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