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Nicola Costa - The Wrong Blues - Review

 Nov. 3, 2014
We first profiled Rome based guitarist Nicola Costa in 2006 and went on to review his "Electric Roots" album in '07. Those were the MySpace days when it was much easier to discover musicians because of the home page music players and Top Friends displays. Remember that? Nicola was one of our first Strat-O-Brother artists.

Costa's newest release is "The Wrong Blues" and I'm honored with an opportunity to hear and review it. The nine all instrumental tracks are a lush and Strat-toneful journey of true craft & finesse. Fans of players such as Michael Landau, Scott Henderson, Robben Ford, Johnny A. & Shane Theriot will especially appreciate Nicola's approach and monster chops. And of course Jeff Beck, a paternal influence of all these guys.

In spite of its vocal-free, strictly power trio guitar focus, The Wrong Blues is as well conceived for broad listening as for The Baked Potato crowd with some of the aforementioned guitarists. "I love to write music - not only food for guitar geeks." says Nicola.

But you can win some bar bets with guitar geek pals playing "guess this guitarist." The Wrong Blues could be a good investment. It's gonna be in my heavy listening rotation for a long time!

Check the short samples at CD Baby. Tracks #3 & 5 are major Landau-style and favorites of mine. Downloads available thru Amazon & iTunes.

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