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Fender '98 Deluxe Player Trans Sapphire Blue - Friday Strat # 355

Fender Deluxe Player MIM Trans-Sapphire on Ash Body
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November 7, 2014

Here's an eye catching yet affordable MIM config currently listed by Metro Sound & Music of Richmond, VA.

An ash body finished in Trans-Blue Sapphire sports gold hardware, tortoise pickguard, white knobs/PU covers and a rosewood fb. Pretty striking if we do say so!

Features are a mix of modern & vintage style (mostly modern) with 6 screw bridge, Vintage Noiseless pickups, 12" radius modern "C" neck and upgraded tuners. Note/Details: FYI, the trem bar is missing and case not included. Seller carries new and used cases...

Otherwise, excellent condition with decent pics in the listing page. Metro has good seller ratings. Check them out at the above link.


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