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Street Musicians Can Make Good Money... Oh Yes They Can!

Sept. 23, 2014
Meet Strat-O-Brother, William Lee, playing daily of the streets of Sao Paolo, Brazil.

And that's all I know about this guy from what I can find online.

But if you pay attention here, he pulls down some steady cash in 6 minutes. So figure 3-4 days a week at 4 hours/day. Hmm. Obviously location is very important, oh, and talent. Otherwise, why be at the mercy of the music industry, club booking issues, downloading, etc.?

History lesson. Before the inventions of radio and recording (Edison), working musicians were either gypsies or minstrels in the gallery. 

So though the 20th century model of leveraging huge income as a "Rock Star" appears to be long gone, it once again comes down to your ability to perform and take it to the people.

So tip your local street musician, you may need a favor or maybe even a loan from them one day.

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