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Sporty Blue & Gold Basswood Strat-type DIY

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Sept 3, 2014
Fellow Fender Fanatics Inc Facebook Group member Don Massie posted his latest project Strat to help everyone recover from a Justin Beiber airbrush autograph Strat I posted there earlier.;)))

Yeah, that one pushed some buttons alright!

But best of all, it inspired Don to share his beauty in blue for the group which in turn inspired me to feature it here as well with Don's blessings.

The light & resonant basswood body sports a trans-blue finish and a maple neck with gold Sperzels & gold roller trees. And it's gold all around from the smart anodized pickguard to the bridge, screws, knobs and even a 24k gold plated stainless steel switch tip. Pickups and wiring are Jimmie Vaughan Tex-Mex.

Personally, I think the brushed anodized pickguard is the stabilizing element preventing so much other gold from tipping this guitar into the gaudy zone. In other words, a white pearly pickguard mighta made for brothel material. But that's my 2 cents of taste-- and since 2 cents doesn't go very far in a brothel anyway...

So to me at least, this Strat is more sporty than sportin', okay. And that's more chill when you play out cuz it doesn't attract the wrong kind of attention.

Take it from a guy who posts Beiber airbrush Strats online. 

Kudos to Don for letting us share his smart & sporty Strat!

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