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Scott Henderson Beatles Cover With Jeff Berlin & Dennis Chambers

photo credit: Max Crace

Sept. 4, 2014
First of all, just know that at any moment this video is likely to be removed from YouTube. Although it has been up for 3 months, knock on wood, okay. Scott is famous for having his stuff pulled. So enjoy and share this one while it lasts...

Scott Henderson covering "Come Together" live with the baddest rhythm section possible. Here's enough trem abuse to skirt the YouTube/Apple Records audio filter detection algorithms. According to the video description, this gig was at Reggie's in Chicago in 2014, uploaded in June.

As always, Scott's bends and phrasing are over-the-top with only a standard 6-screw Fender trem in his Suhr signature models. It's all about set-up, kids.

Click Here for more about Scott's trem set-up and mod. 

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For even more extensive Strat trem set up instructions:

Galeazzo Frudua

Carl Verheyen

If you study ALL this stuff, you'll be a friggin' master and never need a Floyd Rose.

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