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LSL CV Mary Kaye Strat-type - Friday Strat # 352

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Sept. 26, 2014
Here's an LSL Carl Verheyen model with aged Mary Kaye finish and gold hardware. 

Not the greatest photos, but that neck is flame maple. Body is swamp ash, and like typical LSL's probably quite light weight.

This one is listed at eBay by a Dallas, Texas seller who appears to be a dealer from description and other gear listings.

LSL's are hand built in Southern California, and go for the early vintage Fender vibe. Carl Verheyen puts his stamp on these, so you pretty much know they're great guitars. The "Dorada" sticker on the neck plate is the guitar's factory name. When I asked Lance of LSL why just a sticker instead of stamped or engraved, he responded with, "Ever been divorced?" 

I've played these at NAMM. They're light alright! But not too light to fight or too thin to win.

If you have a chance to check out an LSL, do it!

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