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Buddy Guy Masterbuilt by Gene Baker - Friday Strat # 350

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 Sept. 5, 2014
No ordinary, regular, plain old polka-dot Buddy Guy Strat here.

This current eBay listed Buddy Guy Strat is a 1998 Fender Custom Shop Masterbuild by Gene Baker. It includes COA, OHSC-- and the listing features several good photos. Even disassembled pics with neck pocket, neck end, etc. Gene's sigs are everywhere they're supposed to be.

Interesting to note is the 1993 date stamp on the seriously birdseye dense maple neck butt. The body and COA are 1998. I guess in those days the Custom Shop crew would bag stuff away for just the right build... I dunno. If you know the actual explanation, feel free to share on our Facebook page. That neck waited around 5 years for some reason.

The pics pretty much speak for themselves. Seller is asking for premium $$$. But that's the game of vintage/collectible/mojo, and it either works for you or it doesn't. Someone will buy it regardless-- and it may end up in the wall display case of some Chicago orthodonist's office. 

Ain't that the Blues for ya...


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