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Fender Routemaster Bus by Transport for London

Fender Routemaster Bus Stratocaster Anniversary
 August 20, 2014
Fender & Transport for London are partnering up this Summer with a double-decker tribute to the Stratocaster's 60th Anniversary.

Our London based readers may spot this one or perhaps even get a lift!

The USA would be more likely to launch some kind of "StratoCola" beverage than something like this...

From the press release:

"The AEC Routemaster is a model of double-decker bus that was built by Associated Equipment Company (AEC) in 1954 (in production from 1958) and produced until 1968. Primarily front-engined, rear open-platform buses, a small number of variants were produced with doors and/or front entrances. Introduced by London Transport in 1956, the Routemaster saw continuous service in London until 2005 and currently remains on two heritage routes in central London."

See more about it currently at

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