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Suhr Classic Scalloped - Friday Strat # 347

 July 11, 2014
NYC based The Music Zoo currently lists this clean and sweet Suhr Classic with scalloped fretboard. It's pre-owned but excellent condition (see pics), and includes case candy, Suhr build-sheet and OHSC.

Features/specs include 22 Jumbo frets, Michael Landau pickups, Gotoh 510 bridge, 9/5" radius, Suhr's noise cancelling system, Alder body and locking tuners.

Now I want you to think about something, okay... Scalloped fretboard AND jumbo frets?? So, do you think a scalloped board really needs jumbo frets? If so, why? I wanna know.

Not criticizing this redundancy at all though. I think it's intriguing-- maybe even kinky. Okay, over-the-top. One thing, it'll take a zillion bendy lick miles to ever need a refret!

Another thing to consider is the value of this config as a Blues machine, because everyone sees scallops and immediately thinks Yngwie, right. Well, don't do that. It's actually just as logical to think SRV. Sure, Stevie didn't use scalloped boards, but his huge fret preference created similar parameters.

Point being, no matter your favorite playing genre, if you want crazy bend and vibrato potential, with the ability to use heavy gauge strings, this Suhr Classic scallop/jumbo fret should be a monster expression engine! It may be intimidating at first, but as you grow into it-- worlds will open up.

The Music Zoo


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