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PG Rated Larry Carlton Rig Rundown, Dumble NO-SHOW???

image: www.iguitarmag.com

July 12, 2014
We pause from Strats to scratch our heads about Premier Guitar's latest Rig Rundown with the legendary Larry Carlton. Don't get me wrong, this is a good one, especially the Steely Dan tid bits. But gear heads far and wide like to buzz on about Larry's Dumble amps-- of which are oddly absent from a RIG RUNDOWN???

Even more strange are a couple casual Dumble references; one in comparison to a featured Bludotone amp. But still no Dumble in the house. Well, maybe in the house somewhere, but not present for the RIG RUNDOWN???

The top photo shows Larry with a Dumble from a Guitar Interactive Magazine Feature that includes a video interview. But evidently, PG didn't rate the full Dumble Access Pass criteria. PG's John Bohlinger seemed appropriately hip and engaging, so I dunno. Even PG's webpage on this feature includes NO Dumble pics... WTF?

Maybe Larry thought he was gonna get to hang with Rebecca Dirks, and abruptly retaliated for her absence by pulling big D from the rig and the interview gig.

We can only speculate here. Maybe LC has an island with a volcano into which PG was required to sacrifice Dirks for Dumble-worthy status. A rite of passage perhaps for a magazine much younger than GP, GW, VG, etc... Wait, what about Guitar Interactive? Aren't they in the UK and still relatively newby? Maybe the Queen herself secured their Dumble Access. Connections are everything y'know.

BTW, Robben Ford's Rig Rundown featured his Dumbles. No Rebecca there either. Puzzling.

Quite possibly, Larry just doesn't dig Iowa...

Otherwise, I'm sure the Bludotone is great, and that tweed Deluxe is a super star in my book for sure. It's also great to hear Carlton's kudos on retired guitar builder Mike McGuire whose son, and my good friend John McGuire (check him!!!), is currently busting his friggin' a$$ to bring his own VERY FINE guitar line to the marketplace.

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