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Fender CS Deluxe Top Bound Purple Flame - Friday Strat # 348

 July 18, 2014
 Acoustat (USA based eBay Store) currently lists this NEW Fender Custom Shop, Custom Deluxe Top Bound Purple Strat.

The body is ash, topped with flame maple as well as a flame neck. No specs in this listing, so we're going off the pics. Also visible are the 2 point trem, pearly tuners and a contour heel. Case is the blonde kind with brown trim like the ones you get with an EJ Strat, but with Custom Shop emblem. CS stamp also on back of headstock.

These guys have inventory and good rating, they just seem lazy on the details. Also dumb not including a COA photo, so they need contacting for that along with neck & fret specs, pickup types and whatever else you need to know.

Otherwise, the purple flame and binding make for a striking Strat that sticks out from the crowd. Me likey!



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