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Fender Select Quilt Top, Ice Tea Burst - Friday Strat # 345

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 June 20, 2014
Bizarre Guitar-Reno currently lists this STUNNING quilt top Fender Select Iced Tea Burst-- STUNNING, I say!

But beyond the top, check out the quarter-sawn birdseye maple "channel-bound" neck, binding a rosewood fretboard. That rubbed oil finish neck is also a 9.5 - 14" compound radius with a modern contoured heel. Other modern features include HSS pickup config, 2-point trem and locking tuners.

Classy and fast! And those pickups are overwound, so we're also talkin' Sassy and FAT!

These Fender Select configs continue to impress as they dress for success! And I'm all such a mess...


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