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Fender Custom Shop 1996 Cunetto, Bill Carson Fiesta Redhead - Friday Strat # 343

Notice Flame Maple Neck

June 6, 2014
Garrett Park Guitars of Annapolis, MD currently lists this '96 Custom Shop Cunetto Fiesta Red with a great story!

Description excerpt:

"In 1996 Garrett Park Guitars attended the NAMM show in Anaheim California. While there we located an original 1959 Stratocaster that had belonged to Bill Carson. Bill was with Leo Fender when he invented the Stratocaster, and in fact was very instrumental in its creation. We met with Bill and showed him the guitar and we were so taken by it that we asked Fender to recreate it as a relic. Vince Cunetto did a very nice job of relicing these and we also asked Lindy Fralin to wind pickups for the guitars that were sent to Fender to be installed there. The resulting four amazing Stratocaster's were sold within days of receipt but we were lucky enough to snag the #1 of 4 and are offering it for sale.

This guitar is amazing and it sounds like heaven. It is an 18 year old relic and a one of a kind."


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