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Custom Shop '95 Blue Moto Strat - Friday Strat # 344

 June 13, 2014
Massachusetts based Sixx Gun Music currently lists this Blue Moto Strat from a 20 piece run in 1995. This one is #6. Click pics for close-ups!

We featured #4 awhile back. This one is in great shape with COA, candy and retro brown tolex case. Can't see the cert well enough on this one, but should be signed by John Page. The Moto work of course was done by Art Esparza. Note the abalone capped knobs! This one also has a birdseye neck; you can see better at the listing's additional photos.

Dealer is high rated with lots of positive feedback. And they're not giving this one away, folks! Just know that Esparza Moto Strats haven't been produced in nearly two decades, and are increasingly rare. We feature them whenever they show up.


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