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Wildwood 10, Faded Champagne Sparkle - Friday Strat # 339

Wildwood "10" Stratocaster, Faded Champagne Relic

May 2, 2014
Wildwood Guitars currently lists this Fender Custom Shop, Todd Krause Masterbuilt, '57 Wildwood "10" Relic Strat in Faded Champagne Sparkle.

7.22 lbs!!!

Besides extreme lightness, this one sports a soft "V", quartersawn neck, 10" radius and 6105 frets (skinny like vintage, but TALL), Cruz ltd pickups and a friggin' light alder body. COA and case are also included. Click the above images for graphically erotic close-ups!

"Wildwood 10" refers to dealer spec runs Wildwood custom orders from Fender CS. W-10's have a reputation for being fantastic Strats besides this one being a Krause MB anyway. Basically this is a badass Strat without a doubt. Wildwood Guitars is based in Colorado, and one of the largest single location Fender CS dealers on the planet. Good folks!

Here's the irrepressible Greg Koch demoing this very guitar! Sounds like a tight bottom end on this Strat.


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