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Tatiana Pará, Strat-O-Sister of Brazil

May 23, 2014
Tatiana Pará is a guitar teacher and performer based in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

She pulls out all the stops in the above video covering Jeff Beck's "The Pump". In fact, she probably plays a thousand more notes than Jeff, but that's how it goes since one Jeff Beck note often equals several-- and if you're not him ya gotta emphasize that, unless you happen to be Michael Landau or Scott Henderson.

But I dig Tatiana's bends, vibrato, phrasing and melodic sensibilities. Her playing is very fluid and savvy of many fine influences.

I also dig her nearly identical sister who plays drums!

From her site bio:

In 1998 I joined the Faculty of Arts Alcantara Machado ( FAAM ) , where I graduated Bachelor of guitar. The academic training helped me to expand the musical vision and understand music as a whole, without distinction of " theory and practice " . In addition to specific classes of instrument lessons perception, harmony, counterpoint , analysis , history , among others .

That is the real basis for my development as an artist , designer and musician .

The guitar has always fascinated me in many ways . Initially the passion came from rock , influenced by Ritchie Blackmore , Jimmy Page and Brian May , but with the passage of time and knowledge , I fell in love by the various qualities and versatility that this instrument has .

Since I started playing , I always liked and listened Blues . My " blueseiras " early influences came from Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughan . Then came Robben Ford , Albert Collins , Derek Trucks , Johnny Winter , Warren Haynes...

Discover lots more Tatiana:


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