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Jeff Healey's Guitar Playing Techniques

image credit: MGM

May 23, 2014
Jeff Healey's technique. This video provides some good views. His fretting hand's thumb and index finger seem to share duties on many of the same notes on the B & hi-E strings; he hammers and trills with his thumb then bends and does vibrato with the index in the same spots. A conventional player would mainly use the ring finger for much of that stuff-- pinky too if developed enough.

Was Jeff's approach more efficient?? In other words was he in some ways using his thumb for things that one might also sometimes bring in right hand tapping? In some ways, I mean.  This could be in the context of how he also alternates hammers between his index and thumb...

Sorry if I'm describing this poorly and in a confusing way. Just check out the video all the way through-- maybe 2-3 times, okay;)))

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