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Fender CS, Shishkov MB RubyStrat - Friday Strat # 342

May 23, 2014
This Yuriy Shishkov Masterbuild was featured earlier this week by Tom at Fender Fanatics Inc FB Group page, who found it at Ginger Pete's Guitars page.

No stranger to Shishkov's beautiful work, how could we not add this to our extensive Friday Strat archive! Click above images for close-ups!

Sorry no specs here. Basically we're talkin' eye candy Stratporn, folks. Besides what is most certainly a AAA flame top at least, notice the ruby stained birdseye neck-- or rather, try not to notice it. Also note that although Yuriy didn't need to go to the trouble of an LSR roller nut, he does so for one more gold accent, and those aren't too common in gold (he probably plated it). Shishkov fans know he can pull out the bling.

We've featured plenty of his Strats. But for the sake of contrast, check out when Shishkov stuck with a very modest appearance with a mindblowingly lightweight project Strat. How lightweight?? Click Here to find out!

This is my first time using the term "mindblowingly". New coffee beans.


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