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Fender 1989 Custom Shop Gold HLE Strats - Homer Haynes Limited Edition

Covina, CA
Salt Lake City (Tons of photos!!!)

 May 25, 2014
Currently there 3 eBay listings for '89 Fender CS HLE Homer Haynes LE Gold Strats. We've featured these before.

500 were produced in '88 - '89, as replicas of a custom Strat originally built for Homer Haynes of Homer & Jethro fame. The guy obviously liked gold. Hell, I didn't even know those cats played electric.

Don't you love how I provide nifty background history on this stuff! That's because I'm the curious guitar blogger.

Anyway, the ones pictured above are located across the US. They vary in condition (mostly good) and cost-- and include COA's, candy & OHSC's. Remember that the 80's Custom Shop certs looked different than the ones we're used to seeing. The back headstock Custom Shop stamps are the old oval style that include the run #.

Current Fender CS HLE Strats takes you to all 3 current *& future listings. Two are store dealers we know, and the Covina seller lists other gear including a very nice early 80's Music Man RD112-50 combo amp.
All nice finds. Go check 'em out!

*You won't see the future listings now, since now isn't then, okay. Come back later and check for future listings when they are now. This will be revised when I discover time travel. I hope this helps.

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