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Let Chelsea Constable Teach You Clapton's Crossroad's Solos

Guitarist Chelsea Constable
April 7, 2014
We first featured Chelsea Constable in 2008 at age 18, but even then there was a Youtube video of her from 2004 playing Satch Boogie. And killin' it too!

Today Chelsea is rockin' as great as ever, and doing some serious schoolin' at her Youtube Channel. Featured above is the best breakdown of Clapton's Crossroads solos I've run into yet. Chelsea has the tones, phrasing and feel down-- even using as close to the original gear as it gets.

Solo #2, Riff #10 is an area I've always had trouble with. In fact, I discover I play way more notes than I should overall. Anyone who's read Clapton's biography might recall that he thought he was off time in this solo. I think it may be S-2, R-10, as he seems to step outside there more than anywhere else. But by #12, he lands on his feet like a cat, which probably helped him earn the God thing. Maybe God is a cat.

Anyhow, whether you wanna learn this solo or just check out a good breakdown, Chelsea shows you with great vibrato and phrasing that's just amazing!  

If you cover this tune, it's ultimately best to make it your own, eg. John Mayer's recent Crossroads cover. But it's cool to pull a few cue licks from Clapton's for your listeners. After all, the original solo is iconic music; and yes, solos are music. Also, just learning it note for note by yourself is a good learning drill for vocabulary, technique & style. That said, remember that Clapton probably NEVER played these solos the same way twice, so don't go startin' a religion about it like I seem to be doing here


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