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Fender Select Rosewood Neck & Flametop - Friday Strat # 338

Rosewood neck with inlaid "channel-bound" birdseye fretboard

April 25, 2014
Here's a Fender Select Strat configuration that's so unusual that the dealer has trouble keeping it straight. Click images for close-ups!

Currently listed by Bizarre Guitar-Reno this Strat obviously though unexpectedly features a rosewood neck with a birdseye maple fretboard. Not only that, but the rosewood binds the maple and makes up the entire headstock. This is a highly visual example of Fender's "Channel-Bound" design in which the neck is channeled in order to inlay the fretboard. So the binding is actually the neck.

Re-fretting may be more easy than with traditional binding, in that there's no binding to remove and re-attach, however the rosewood could also be pretty vulnerable to splitting or chipping out during refret. Hmm... Someday somebody will know how that one rolls.

But I digress.

Yeah, so the current listing indicates a maple neck with rosewood fretboard, which isn't the case. In fact, they go on a bit about the quarter-sawn maple neck and hand buffed rosewood fretboard.

Other features include: Hand stained cherry-burstish flame maple top, HSS, contoured heel, 2-point trem, locking tuners and Fender Select emblem in headstock back. This is stuff you can see in the pics. Other specs should be be confirmed with the dealer, since the neck thing is a huge oversight. This guitar may have a compound radius, but check. They also say it's a "thick modern C" which makes no sense as modern C neck profiles are the thinnest, and 60's C's are the thick ones. So the copy guy must have been hung over.

Otherwise, it's a trippy configuration, okay. For your consideration, in the Twilight Zone...

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