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UME - Lauren Larson, StratoSister Southwest

Ume - Lauren Larson Guitarist

 Keep watching... It gets hypnotic

March 17, 2014
Just another Strat player from Austin, Texas-- right? Not quite...

UME, the Austin based trio, headed by the guitar and vocals of Lauren Larson, combines volume and raw garage rock tones with unexpected melodic & atmospheric twists. Not exactly Pop though, which is good.

Ms. Larson has grooves and onstage moves to complement the energy and an array of Fenders she plays. Besides the pictured green Strat, she favors a similarly green Mustang as well as a natural black guard Tele Deluxe.

I like to depart from our usual fare occasionally. UME and Lauren's playing catch my interest not unlike the style of Unknown Mortal Orchestra's Ruban Nielson (also a Mustang fan). Some of her tones also remind me of Daniel Lanois' Black Dub stuff.

UME is currently touring their newest "Monuments" album, just released earlier this month.

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