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Strat Style Pedal Housing

Did you think of this? Yeah, me too...
March 8, 2014
So, how friggin' cool is this!!!

 Discovered on a FB post by fellow blogger Peter H. @ I Heart Guitar who shared it from someone in Brazil, where it just dead ends. No *source, brand, specs, availability... nada.

So looks like a public domain DIY, kinda fun project for everyone. That's right! Don't reckon Fender thought of this one either, which could spark a perfect excuse for them to get into the pedal biz... doncha think? Oh well.

I'm gonna name mine "stratODster, StratoStomp or just stratOD". You call yours whatever you want-- I'm cool with that.

*Note: We will promptly add any source credit, info and link connected to the maker of this pedal. Just let us know at our Facebook page!

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