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Keeley Seafoam Chorus Pedal

Keeley Seafoam Chorus Pedal Effect

March 5, 2014

Keeley Electronics just informed us on their newest Seafoam Chorus pedal; official release today.

Keeley has a great reputation for well built, dialed in stuff, and made their mark doing upgrades on Tube Screamers and other iconic pedals. Robert Keeley knew where mass production fell short, and built a business on cleaning up other brands. These days, Keeley builds pedals with their name on 'em.

The Seafoam has doubling chorus and cool vibe effects as well. From the above video, it looks and sounds like a straight forward and easy to use, quality analog chorus effect. These are hand built in USA.

So if you're ready to step up from your big brand, vanilla chorus pedal, add this one to your list of pedals to look at. Not many other demos on YouTube at the moment, but keep checking!

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