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First Fender Production Stratocaster Verified by George Gruhn

photo cred: Kristin M. Hall - AP
March 19, 2014
 Up until now, many of us thought David Gilmour's white 0001 to be Fender's first production Stratocaster. 

But George Gruhn has cracked the code... And if it wasn't Gruhn, I'd be inclined to disbelieve this one since the Strat George is holding is ser# 0100, which you'd logically assume to be the 100th Strat. 

That's why there had to be some tedious research and code cracking involved, which is what Mr. Gruhn does best. And since he is the unanimously agreed upon authority when it comes to vintage guitars, we're going with this until George discovers different. Also in agreement is Richard Smith-- foremost Strat expert and Curator of the City of Fullerton Museum- Leo Fender Gallery who procured this Strat from its original owner. Read the full AP story at

Those familiar with vintage Fender era probably know something of the haphazard organization of the early days. So a glitch or change in the decided serial numbering sequence is no surprise.

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