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Fender American Design Experience - Configure & Order Guitars Direct

 March 19, 2014
 Hot on the heels of factory direct parts, Fender recently introduced their American Design Experience program. Available right now to USA based customers only, ADE enables you to configure a new guitar online, just the way you want it, from finish to pickups to neck and fret specs-- and order it direct from Fender, who ships within 90 days.

I dunno if you have the option of choosing body weight ranges & wood grain patterns, or how esoteric you can get. Overall, this is just another channel they've created to keep things interesting.

Fender dealers probably aren't thrilled. But, from a consumer perspective, if this is an incentive for dealers to step up service and customer care, it's still a good thing for everyone, including dealers, since karma is karma, right?


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