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Compensated Brass Claw for Strat Trem From KGC!

Killer Guitar Components

Killer Compensated Claw

Strat Part Compensated Trem Claw by KGC
March 26, 2014

Inspired by Carl Verheyen's angled claw set-up for a more balanced Strat trem tension, KGC brings us the Killer Compensated Claw. This provides easier dial-in for the needed angle, with the added tone benefits of a heavy mass, machined brass claw!
killerguitarcomponents.com (claw page)

Note: A step further would be to incorporate expandable brass inserts or metal anchor screws into the body for even greater mass to conduct resonance. As an even further step, you could install inserts in the neck butt, drill through the trem well all the way to the neck pocket and essentially anchor the claw to the neck. You'll need extra long machine screws!

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