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Another Hendrix Movie? No Thanks, I'll Stick With Real Hendrix


American Masters|Jimi Hendrix - PBS Trailer

Maui footage from Rainbow Bridge Film

Interview in Vancouver BC, Sept. '68

March 10, 2014
As if the one in 2000 wasn't bad enough...

The latest bio-pic, docu-drama- Jimi: All Is By My Side debuts soon. Playing the part of Hendrix is Outkast's Andre 3000.

I'm not the least bit interested in this. Enough footage of the real Jimi Hendrix exists, and anything artificial is only an effort to inject drama, create disproportionate emphasis and make $$$. It simply does not matter how well the production and acting may be. They weren't even able to get music rights, though Hendrix did enough covers. But I stand behind Janie on boycotting this one.

Hendrix was a phenom, and a unique personality. And fortunately, he arrived in an age when he could be recorded and filmed. Abraham Lincoln showed up before such technology, so Spielberg's Lincoln, with Daniel Day-Lewis makes more sense-- though even that is still historical, speculative fiction in terms of Lincoln's personality, mannerisms, tone, body language, etc.

Big box office bio-pic productions like Walk The Line, Ray & even The Aviator focused mostly on the dysfunctions of their subjects. Johnny Cash, Ray Charles & Howard Hughes had long and interesting careers, though the movies about them mostly blow up substance abuse, infidelities & idiosyncrasies because that's what sells tickets, DVDs & downloads. People should grow up.

We can expect more of the same from a Hendrix soap opera, as we've already seen. Look what they've done to Elvis, and imagine what they'll eventually do to Michael Jackson.

I realize I'm mainly communicating to guitar players here, and probably preaching to the crowd for the most part. But please don't hesitate to inform anyone interested in Hendrix, that there's lots real Hendrix on YouTube as well as valid PPV & DVD documentaries, concerts, etc. Look for Isle of Wight, Royal Albert Hall, Miami Pop. Plenty of the real man and his art can be viewed!

We don't need someone else to synthetically re-interpret Jimi's sex life, family issues or substance use for future generations. The real Jimi Hendrix was a force of nature in a very pivotal time. You really have to experience the pure film and recordings as much as possible. Ask anyone old enough to tell you what society and culture were like when Hendrix arrived.

It was beyond soap opera, and goes beyond productions, depictions or portrayals. That's not even the point.

Accept no substitutes!

I don't even care if Steve Vai coached Andre 3000 on air guitar and correct cooling fan placement.


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