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A Free Guitar Tuner App That Doesn't Suck!

March 3, 2014
I mean FINALLY, a good, free tuner app! Check out the "Pano Tuner" for iOS & Android.

There are hundreds of tuner apps nowadays. Roughly, about 30% of them are even free, and most I've checked are horrible. More recently I stumbled into the Pano, which is pretty cool. This fully chromatic tuner dynamically displays Hz down to tenths (display below Key display), and responds as fast as many digital display tuners I've tried.

Above the Key display is another dynamic scale that goes into the green zone at +/- 2 hz or cents. And besides that, a brown cents scale pops up just before the green one, as you come in for your landing approach.

For the real acid test, I tuned down 1/2 step, putting an A-440 at 6th fret of hi E string & 11th fret on B string. From there I decided to detune to the Pythagoras A-432 standard (to test the Hz counter below the Key display). I was able to do it too! I tuned the hi-E & B strings using the brown scale to track 8 cents below 440 standard on the other 6 strings. And everything was in tune.

Watching the 10ths though, you can really observe the low string sharpness at attack. For more about this, check out James Taylor's tutorial video about fine tuning: http://youtu.be/V2xnXArjPts

I figure you can do anything with this tuner in your phone. Just don't loan it out.

So if someone just stole your Snark, and your trusty old Boss TU-12 finally died-- all of which recently happened to me, there's now a great tuner app available that doesn't cost anything.

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