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2-Point Strat Trem Upgrade by Wudtone!

 March 19, 2014
Awhile back we let you know about Wudtone's Constant Pivot bridge plate for vintage-style Fender 6 screw trems. This mod creates smooth function with no hang-up on the screw threads.

Now Wudtone has introduced an upgrade kit for modern Fender 2-point trems. The American Standard-CP Vintage Trem Conversion is a hardware kit engineered to increase resonance of a 2-point to the tones of a 6 screw. It also eliminates warbling & chirp.

Hardware includes a replacement plate, screws, shanks/studs, 1018 steel block and trem arm offered in 3 lengths. Options for bridge spacing, nickle-steel saddles & gold or nickle plating are also available.

Other news is that British based Wudtone now has a USA Dealer for their hardware and re-finish kits. So check the links below: -UK - USA

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