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Relictile Dysfunction Still Dominates Guitar Industry & Marketplace

February 20, 2013
Ever since that NY Times article in '07 or '08 about the aged guitar phenomenon in which Wisconsin Dave said he did a few million $$ per year in Fender Relics, we've known that this is a big deal.

But in spite of that, we usually run into more people who don't dig pre-worn finish guitars. Social media comments or people in guitar shops are more often in the vein of, "If I want a guitar that looks like that, I'll wear it out myself." Of course this is the manly way to express your opinion. Nobody is saying, "I don't think I'm a good enough player to gig enough to make my guitar look like SRV's or Rory Gallagher's." Who's gonna say that?

Obviously, guys don't usually walk around braggin' about being unable to get it up either. But Viagra and similar products are a booming business.

So, I notice here in 2014 that relic/aged/trashed guitars continue to be available in huge supply to what must be huge demand. I mean, there must be... Check out the current inventory at Wild West Guitars.

But instead of ranting on with my ED analogy, the bigger picture just might be that as the classic guitar design icons continue to get older-- and the iconic players continue to do the same-- (no new icons coming along, right)-- relic/aged guitars fit our culture as much as the faded denim that won't go away.

And though we may complain about $4k+ Custom Shop Relics that look totally trashed, remember it's just another example of beauty & symbolism in the eye of the beholder. Items like jewelry, fine art, watches, motorcycles and sports cars can command prices many, many times higher. And they don't even make music, although they can be fun. But damn! The price of "fun" can really get ridiculous.

So I guess the moral here is that if a guy who drives a Lambo and wears Rolex's makes fun of your Relic Strat, you can take comfort in knowing that he probably needs Viagra more than you.

Meanwhile it's ok to embrace your Relictile Dysfunction, but just stay focused on improving your guitar playing.

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