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Grosh Bent Top Trans-Pink -- Valentine's Day Special (Orig Friday Strat #20)

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Feb. 14, 2015
Every Valentine's Day/week I feature this guitar. Don't see it on the Grosh Guitars site anymore, but I bet they'll build one for anyone who wants$$ it! Click an image to visit them and see what they're up to lately.

This Don Grosh Bent Top Custom, in "Transparent Pink", looks like a huge bouquet of several dozen roses suspended into a Strat body! Our encore shot of the Friday Strat #20 (February 2007) feature is a fine tribute to Valentine's Day.

A beautiful piece of maple with the right finish, color, accenting and imagination can be many things, i.e. water, fire, hair, smoke, satin ... and in this example, rose petals. A rippling river of rose petal riff-essence. Yes, I actually wrote that.

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