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Gibson Pranks Fender at Winter NAMM 2014? This Could Start Something...

Fender Custom Shop's Gibson SG Knock Off?? Not Quite...

February 19, 2014
Not only is this a stand alone YouTube video, Gibson is also running it as an ad in guitar tagged YouTube videos-- which is how most of us are discovering it.

Some people may have thought Fender Custom Shop made a "better" Gibson SG for a twisted display. Others may have forgotten where they were for a moment, as NAMM can really jam your circuits...

Maybe this will begin a video pranking tradition between Fender & Gibson. We'll just have to see what shows up from Fender in the future. I'm sure these folks have pranked each other for years, but the YouTube thing really opens things up!

Anyone else notice how "comedian" Jack Vale is workin' the Jim Breuer body language. That's as close as he'll ever get to Breuer. So maybe Fender should use the real Jim Breuer to prank Gibson at 2015 Winter NAMM.

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