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Fishman Fluence Pickup Demo Video

Fishman Fluence Strat Pickup

February 7, 2014
Although we don't see them available quite yet, Fishman's new "Fluence" pickup line looks pretty interesting. Check out Greg Koch demoing them at Winter NAMM 2014, joined on bass by Roscoe Beck who sure looks a lot different these days.

We're so used to Duncan & DiMarzio constantly introducing the latest revolutionary new pickup that looks the same as the old boss. And then there are all the boutique winder, craft beer guys with their vintage duplicate promises.  

Actually VAULT is my favorite boutique line, only available HERE.

At least it's intriguing when an outfit like Fishman brings traditional looking coil configs to the table. These pickups look standard (because that's what we want), but inside they're using printed circuit coils, powered by lithium ion cells that are rechargeable in the guitar. AND that's all I know.

Above, Mr Koch plays a Fluence equipped Strat and Les Paul through a Vibrolux RI. And although Greg can make stock Chinese Squiers & Epiphones sound good, I wouldn't write off these Fishman Fluence pickups as mere effluence. We hear some good tones, so I suspect they're probably as good sounding as the leading brand stuff. And at least more "organic" than EMG, ok. Gotta give 'em  that.

Yes, we're already overloaded with pickup choices, but these are different enough internally for my curiosity when they hit the street.


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