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Fender CS John Page Era Chartreuse Sparkle - Friday Strat # 330

Fender CS One-off Chartreuse Sparkle Strat w/Birdseye Maple Neck
February 21, 2014
Sweet Baby Jesus! Check out the birdseye maple!

Distinctive Guitar LLC of Milwaukee, WI currently lists this one-off Chartreuse Sparkle, FCS 1996 John Page era, '60RI Strat. It's pre-owned, but nearly NOS condition-- closet classic more or less, with finish checking.

The March '96 COA is signed by Page. This Strat features gold hdwr, pearly pickguard/backplate and 60's pickups. Includes COA and brown tolex case. The listing page has tons of good quality photos with lots of close-ups. Also, click the above pics for close-ups. But get over there for all of 'em. The back of the body has a long finish check that looks like a body split, but they've had a pro inspection to determine it's only the nitro. No worries with this dealer, check 'em out.

Gorgeous Strat! 

Be sure to browse all the listings at Distinctive. They carry several boutique lines, i.e. Knaggs, LSL, Fibenare, Swade, Tuttle, Giffin, Suhr...

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