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Anoushka Shankar - Spiritual Strat-O-Sister!

February 10, 2014
Anoushka Shankar is daughter of Ravi Shankar and younger half-sister of Norah Jones (both share the same father). Once in a blue moon I add a new Strat-O-Sister (see directory). And on even much rarer occasions she's not a guitarist. But we can't ignore Anoushka because she is a badass!

Ever really check out the sitar? The neck is friggin' HUGE, the frets are friggin' HUGE, it's long AND notice how the neck widens at the headstock end. And there's all these strings and courses of strings real close together.

And in spite of everything, this chick- with no pick - burns and runs all over this instrument with no lack of control and articulation. It's unreal.

The video above is a full concert, but just skip around because we get some great close-up sections of how she navigates and negotiates an instrument which would be quite cumbersome to guitar players. This is a real lesson for us, as we work to dial into the perfect neck profile, radius, action, string gauge, etc., etc... From a guitar perspective, the sitar might seem unplayable.

And yet...

Also noteworthy of the above video, the music is a fusion of India with Spanish Flamenco that just works. Now, I don't expect everyone to dig this music, but nevertheless, the girl tears it up! So next time you pick up some jumbo neck, over-fretted monstrosity guitar that intimidates you-- try to forget you ever saw this blog post.


"I was never here."


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