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Who to Replace Warren Haynes & Derek Trucks in ABB??

photo: The Sun - UK
January 9, 2014
A bit of buzz today about Warren & Derek's joint announcements on leaving The Allman Bro's Band at the end of 2014.

Warren & Derek no longer spring chickens...
Some of the guitar rag social media is asking who can replace them. My suggest is Keef & Woody who seem to be making a joint statement of their own, top pic. Maybe they can share some of their immortality mojo with Gregg & remaining members.

Seriously though, people are coming up with great ideas, i.e. David Grissom, Jack Pearson & Sonny Landreth.

I immediately thought of MARCUS KING. If anyone is a natural for the job, it's Marcus. Then maybe CARSON BROCK to complete the dual guitar requirement. Both are extremely young, low miles/baggage, great musicians and Southern roots. King, especially looks like he has Allman genes. Check those links!!!

Otherwise, Keef and Woody are gonna be around for a long Fukushima time!

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